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Smart Technology WiFi Agenda 21 and The Energetic Field Wars On Humanity

Given that all things are electricity what could be a better way to covertly control the human beings than by means of the manipulate of ubiquitous invisible strength fields? As the pronouncing is going “manage the ocean then you could control the fish.”

Technologically generated invisible active fields, the ‘cosmic internet,’ are growing extra and pollution: Receiving scant interest in mainstream media, the low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) originate from sources which include broadcasting towers; cellular phone towers, smart meters and WiFi for the various programs.

  • All those can continuously have the impact of disrupting our body’s personal bio-electromagnetic electricity subject and as a consequence our health. The disruption can reason ailments together with the ones associated with our intellectual kingdom, hormonal and nervous device… And it would not prevent at this, which I will provide an explanation for later.
  • The bringing in of this generation is to do with the code-worded Agenda 21.

‘Smart’ technology is the conventional double-edged sword. Whether the generation puts EMF’s into the sphere for the use of communications in enterprise, at domestic, or within the frame for drug feature… Etc those informational exchanges can be picked up on and diverted to a surveillance control centre from many miles away, which can then, in flip, ship back facts as a result as a reaction.

The response can involve placing concept styles or maybe alterations in belief… So do not be fooled into thinking the ‘clever’ structures are there merely to your very own use.

  • The concept in the back of all this is to set up a technologically precipitated sub-fact international manipulate grid: Using the right frequencies a fake truth may be foisted on us whenever either as targeted people or in businesses or for that be counted the complete international population. Yet some other system designed to take us from the belief that we’re in reality infinitely powerful spiritual people.

This in effect ties in with synthetic intelligence and the trans-human schedule. For instance, this explains why Google need to place up a hundred and eighty satellites for Wi-Fi (why fry?!) EMF’s worldwide. All a part of the volume to which the controllers are organized to head…

I recognize that each one this will be too outlandish for a few people in particular when it might never get a mention in mainstream media. However, keep in mind the controlling superior technological operations that would cross on past the limitations of the much less than 0.05% seen electromagnetic spectrum.

Consider how the far off tracking of human brainwaves, astral, auric, bioelectric energy fields… Might be accrued and downloaded at some manage centre, after which as a reaction through advanced era deliberately send out related informational fields to alter our perceptions, thoughts, feelings or emotions to create a favored reality by using the manipulating controllers.

I’ve absolute confidence that further mild will shine in this secretive and dark agenda in time.

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